Miami Children's Museum Exhibits

Each of the exhibits at Miami Children’s Museum was developed and designed to coincide with the MDCPS curriculum. The intention for the Museum is to take the formal learning in the classroom and make the experience real and lasting. Each of the exhibits has a dominant goal and specific objectives to accomplish the goal. Each activity was developed to present specific learning materials. The learning in the exhibits have a multi-tiered meaning that children of our target age groups can explore and feel successful.

Our Exhibits:

  • Spark children’s natural curiosity about their world and life-long love of learning
  • Serve all audience segments fully by providing a range of exhibit experiences
  • Deliver solid content through interaction with exhibits, materials and diverse media
  • Offer a variety of interdisciplinary experiences in the arts, culture, community and communication that meet a range of visitor needs, interests and abilities
  • Serve as the centerpiece of the Museum’s multidimensional educational resource
  • Present engaging, educational, play-filled experiences that exceed visitors’ expectations and make them want to return
  • Provide a safe environment to play