What's New? Gallery

We are always presenting something new and exciting in our What’s New? Traveling Exhibits Gallery.


Sketch Aquarium

February 18th, 2015

Miami Children’s Museum in collaboration with ZB Team Lab will launch a unique unprecedented experience; an interactive virtual aquarium where children’s physical artwork becomes an animated and digitized part of the rich undersea environment. Launching for the first time in the US, this new exhibit will create challenging activities that stimulate curiosity, interaction and exploration. On February 18th, 2015, come design, upload and discover at the Sketch Aquarium!




Pirate Island

"The Return of the Pirates"

February 7 - September 6, 2015

Ahoy, me Hearties!
Make sail for the Miami Children’s Museum for another great adventure. Our “What’s New” Gallery has been transformed into a hands-on
world of fun and excitement.

Welcome to Pirate Island!

A fantasy world of pirate adventure comes to life with interactive games, stories, theater shows and even some live pirates! Learn to speak pirate with phrases like: Yo Ho Ho; Davey Jones Locker; and Shiver me Timbers! Everyone gets a map to follow that leads to pirate treasure. Will you find it?

Children and adults alike will be delighted and intrigued by the legends and lore of pirates.
This exhibit promises to fulfill the imaginations
of our visitors. Pirate Island will be a quest for
adventure designed for the young at heart—no
matter what your age!

Experience Pirate Island at the Miami Children’s Museum where you can play, learn, imagine and create!