Museum Trivia

So, Fishies, did you know how awesome the Museum is?! Discover cool facts about the Museum and show off your smarts to your family and friends!

1 Even though Miami Children’s Museum has been on Watson Island
for 5 years, it’s really 25 years old! (Founded in 1983)

2 MiChiMu, MCM’s official mascot, is a shortened nickname for
Miami Children’s Museum.

3 Miami Children's Museum is one of the 10 biggest children’s museums in the country

4 MCM only pays $2 rent a year!
Even you could afford that!

5 Each seashell on top of the Castle of Dreams is about 5 feet tall! That's almost as big as your teacher!

6 Mt. MiChiMu, our rock-climbing wall, is as tall as a 3 story building. Only 40% of Mt. MiChiMu climbers reach the top!

7 900 gallons of water passes in between the 2 tanks in the Ocean Odyssey exhibit.