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Afterschool Certified Instructor

The Afterschool Instructor is responsible for the general supervision and management of a class of students.  The Afterschool instructor is responsible for the planning and execution of all activities set forth in the schedule and as per curriculum specifications when applicable. Oversee the implementation of the Reading component.

Afterschool Certified Instructor


  1. Responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the children assigned in your care.
  2. Develops and Implements daily lesson plans that correspond to the curriculum at hand and/or for other activities in the schedule. Lesson plans are due weekly.
  3. Plans activities that are developmentally appropriate to each age and child thereby fostering exploration, investigation and creativity using a variety of materials and equipment as well as the galleries in the Miami Children’s Museum that develop self-expression and an interest in learning. Encourages children to question and explore the world in which they live. Prepares materials ahead of time.
  4. Trains and guides other staff members on how to implement and deliver the reading curriculum to ensure the designated curriculum is being implemented with fidelity.
  5. Instructs and Supports other staff members on how to implement differentiated instruction based on the reading level of the children in their care
  6. Protects company assets as well as those of the classroom teachers. Responsible for maintaining all afterschool materials neat, organized and in good working conditions.
  7. Records the daily attendance of students and obtains both the child and parent sign in/out signatures and times. Responsible for the accuracy of attendance records and sign in/out sheets. Responsible for tracking attendance and knowing the classroom count at all times.
  8. Monitors, Observes, and Documents any behavioral challenges a child may exhibit. Creates and implements an incentive program that will aid in minimizing behavioral challenges and or provides students with the needed support to increase their success.
  9. Extends appropriate language development and self-confidence through storytelling, drama, music and conversations.
  10. Extends development of science, mathematics and social studies through experiments, problem-solving, exploration, classroom materials and museum gallery events that encourage children to think, reason and question.
  11. Portrays positive attitudes with children in resolving conflicts, identifying feelings, describing problems, negotiating differences and generating solutions. Teacher encourages cooperation and redirecting unacceptable behavior as well as using positive approaches to help children deal with anger and frustration.
  12. Committed to the concept of teamwork, sharing of ideas, materials and services. Works in a professional manner with peers, supervisors and individuals from other departments and/or school board personnel. Willing to share responsibilities and assume other tasks in emergencies.
  13. Attends and Completes all required trainings (staff meetings, funder trainings and mandated child care course work.)
  14. In-service course work, a minimum of 10 hours yearly that reinforces the proponents of best practices for school age, early care and education.
  15. Supports the goals, objectives and philosophy of the Afterschool program. Adheres to policies and procedures in the The Miami Children’s Museum’s Employee Handbook
  16. Communicate with the Site Coordinator to discuss issues that need resolution, including those involving individual students or their caregivers, classroom spaces, or program, Museum/School, or staff.
  17. Communicate with parents in a positive manner.
  18. Maintains confidentiality of any parent/student information gathered during the program.
  19. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in education or related field. MUST have a State of Florida Teaching Certificate or a Temporary Teaching Certificate, preferably in Reading.
  2. At least one-year experience leading groups of children in an educational setting (this time frame may be shorter for applicants with prior teaching experience within the Museum)
  3. Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently
  4. Strong organization skills.

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