Miami Children’s Museum will be open 7 days a week starting June 5!

Mascot Michimu

Our Mascot

Our Mascot

Michimu is our loveable mascot. Michimu spends time at birthday parties, events at the Museum and other fun events around the community. Michimu’s very own birthday party is held every September at the Museum for all to enjoy!

MiChiMu’s shapes and colors have specific meanings:

  • Michimu is a symbol of the curious questioning mind of a child and the excitement that goes with lifelong learning at the Museum!
  • His eye is always looking and exploring the world around.
  • The exclamation point means excitement, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • The spiral or maze means discovery and wonder.
  • The circular shape of his head signifies the world as united.
  • The colors represent Miami: BLUE is for the ocean and beaches surrounding us, RED is for heat and excitement, GREEN is for movement and a tribute to our commitment to a healthy environment in and out of the Museum.