Miami Children’s Museum is reopening to Members on April 26th and to the general public on May 8th!

State Standards

MCM Galleries and Educational Programs are aligned with Florida's Sunshine State Standards and The Miami-Dade County Public Schools Competency-Based Curriculum.

For more information on these standards, please call 305.373.5437, ext. 123.

Educational Explorations

Ocean in Motion
SC.G.1.2, SC.G.2.3, SC.G.2.4, SC.G.1.4, TH.A.1.4, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.1.6-LA.6.1.6, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, SC.D.1.1, SC.A.1.1, SC.H.3.4, SS.D.2.1

Your Life, Your Body
HE.A.1.1, HE.A.2.1, HE.B.1.1, HE.C.2.1, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.A.1.3, PE.B.2.4, TH.A.1.4, FL.B.1.4, SS.D.2.4

Art All Around
VA.A.1.3, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.B.1.2, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.B.1.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.E.1.1, MU.E.2.1, SC.G.2.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4

Cultural Connections
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, FL.D.1.1, HE.B.3.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.B.1.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.E.1.1, MU.E.2.1, MA.2.G.5, SS.D.2.2


Cultural Creativity
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, FL.D.1.1, HE.B.3.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.2.1.4, SS.A.1.1, SS.A.1.2, SS.A.6.2,SS.B.2.2, SS.B.2.1, SS.D.2.2, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.B.1.1, VA.B.1.2, VA.C.1.1, LA.2.6.1-LA.5.6.1

Express Yourself
HE.B.1.1, HE.B.2.1, HE.B.3.1, HE.B.3.2, PE.A.1.1, PE.B.2.1, VA.A.1.1, VA.B.1.1, VA.E.1.1

Ecosystem Experts
SC.D.1.1, SC.D.2.1, SC.F.1.1, SC.F.2.1, SC.G.1.1, SC.G.2.1, SC.H.3.1, VA.A.1.1, VA.B.1.1, VA.E.1.1

Alive With Storytelling
TH.A.1.1, TH.A.3.1, TH.D.1.1, LA.(K-5).1.6, LA.(K-5).2.1, LA.(K-5).5.2, DA.A.1.1, DA.B.1.1

African Dance and Drumming
DA.A.1.1-2, DA.B.1.1-2, DA.C.1.1-2, DA.D.1.1-2, FL.B.1.1-2, FL.C.1.1-2, PE.A.1.1, PE.A.2.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1

Galleries & Exhibits

Castle of Dreams
SC.G.2.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Bank in Kidscape Village
MA.2.G.5, SS.D.2.2, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4

Health & Wellness Center in Kidscape Village
HE.A.1.1, PE.B.2.4, HE.A.2.1, HE.B.1.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Supermarket in Kidscape Village
LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4

Safety Zone/Pet Central in Kidscape Village
HE.C.2.1, PE.A.1.3, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4

Sea and Me Early Childhood Gallery
SC.D.1.1, SC.A.1.1, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Ocean Odyssey Tank & Everglades Park
SC.G.1.2, SC.G.2.3, SC.G.1.4, TH.A.1.4, LA.K.1.6-LA.6.1.6, PE.B.2.4,LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

What’s New? Gallery
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Port of Miami
1: SC.H.3.4, SC.D.1.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.1112.2.2, SS.D.2.1, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1
2: FL.B.1.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, SS.D.2.4, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Me, You & Teddy Bears Too Gallery
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, FL.D.1.1, HE.B.3.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

All About Art Gallery
VA.A.1.3, LA.K.1.6, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.B.1.2, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4

World Music Gallery
MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.B.1.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.E.1.1, MU.E.2.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4