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After School Clubs

Our after school clubs provide children with extracurricular programs that promote educational development and wellness. Whether focusing on physical activity, leadership, phonics or language, our classes emphasize team building, creativity and coordination. Below are the fee-based, 1-hour classes for the 2022-2023 school year for elementary age children.

April  - May | 3:00 - 4:00 pm | Pre K - 5th Grade

Registration must be completed 1 week prior to the first class.

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Tennis Club

Tennis club is designed for fun play while improving agility, coordination, and character building. Children will be introduced to the fundamentals of tennis while developing skills at their own pace. By improving physical strength, flexibility, balance, and fine motor-skills, tennis will lend to helping your child master other activities off the court.

Mondays starting September 18th | 4-5 PM

Ages: All ages

Cost: $225, Afterschool Members; $300, Non-Members

Zumba Club

Your child will benefit in increasing flexibility and boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Zumba is the perfect way to incorporate exercise into children's routines. With easy-to-follow moves, Zumba choreography will feel more like fun than a workout.

Tuesdays starting September 19th | 3-4 PM

Ages: K - 5th grade

Cost: $100, Afterschool Members; $175, Non-Members

Phonics/Reading Club

Phonics/Reading Club will give your students the decoding practice to turn a new phonics pattern into reading fluency! Using the Reading Wonders Curriculum students will be empowered to apply new skills to their independent reading, writing, and spelling.

Wednesdays starting September 20

Ages: K - 2nd grade

Cost: $125, Afterschool Members; $200, Non-Members

STEAM Club powered by NASA

STEAM Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics as access points for guiding inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Students in this club work on defining problems, brainstorming solutions, planning, and creating STEAM projects to take home. STEAM powered by NASA will provide students the opportunity to anticipate details into the workings, construction, and rationale for leading students through performance-based instructional units.

Thursdays starting September 21st | 3-4 PM

Ages: 1st - 5th Grade

Cost: $175, Afterschool Members; $250, Non-Members

Art Club

The art club is one where the students share a love of art, self-expression, and a passion for creating their own personal style. Students will be involved in school projects to enhance their sense of self while helping others. It is a great place to meet like-minded artists your age who are enthusiastic about creating and having fun. Students will experiment with different mediums and practices that lead to different discoveries to expand and enhance their critical thinking.

Fridays starting September 22nd | 3-4 PM

Ages: K - 5th Grade

Cost: $125, Afterschool Members; $200 Non-Members

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