Quarterly Conversations

On March 13, 2019 Miami Children’s Museum closed to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and, like most other culture institutions, had to pivot quickly to virtual programming and outreach. The Museum at Home initiative provided original educational digital content for children, families, and educators remotely.  A year into the pandemic Miami Children’s Museum had hit its virtual stride with over 400 digital posts reaching over 2 million people. By combining our knowledge of successful live virtual events and recognizing the growing resource needs of families, educators, and youth workers given the climate of politics, COVID-19, and racial inequity we developed Quarterly Conversations. Quarterly Conversations is a yearly  four-part panel or speaker series in which we host a thoughtfully selected group of panelists, experts in their field, advocates, and those with lived experiences to share, discuss, and provide guidance on timely and often complex topics that families and children are facing on a day to day basis. We hope you’ll join us!

In December 2021 during a rare public advisory, the U.S. Surgeon General confirmed that the COVID pandemic has amplified the already critical mental health crisis of youth in America and declared it a national emergency. In response, Miami Children’s Museum is excited to announce that the next topic of our Quarterly Conversations will be “Coping with Uncertain Times: Helping Children Navigate Mental Health”.  On March 16th @8pm we will host a thoughtfully selected group of panelists, experts in their field, to address the current youth mental health crisis, as well as offer guidance and resources on how to prepare and help young children deal with stress and take care of their mental health.

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