State Standards

MCM Galleries and Educational Programs are aligned with Florida's Sunshine State Standards and The Miami-Dade County Public Schools Competency-Based Curriculum.

For more information on these standards, please call 305.373.5437, ext. 123.

Educational Explorations

Ocean in Motion
SC.G.1.2, SC.G.2.3, SC.G.2.4, SC.G.1.4, TH.A.1.4, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.1.6-LA.6.1.6, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, SC.D.1.1, SC.A.1.1, SC.H.3.4, SS.D.2.1

Your Life, Your Body
HE.A.1.1, HE.A.2.1, HE.B.1.1, HE.C.2.1, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.A.1.3, PE.B.2.4, TH.A.1.4, FL.B.1.4, SS.D.2.4

Art All Around
VA.A.1.3, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.B.1.2, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.B.1.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.E.1.1, MU.E.2.1, SC.G.2.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4

Cultural Connections
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, FL.D.1.1, HE.B.3.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.B.1.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.E.1.1, MU.E.2.1, MA.2.G.5, SS.D.2.2


Cultural Creativity
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, FL.D.1.1, HE.B.3.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.2.1.4, SS.A.1.1, SS.A.1.2, SS.A.6.2,SS.B.2.2, SS.B.2.1, SS.D.2.2, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.B.1.1, VA.B.1.2, VA.C.1.1, LA.2.6.1-LA.5.6.1

Express Yourself
HE.B.1.1, HE.B.2.1, HE.B.3.1, HE.B.3.2, PE.A.1.1, PE.B.2.1, VA.A.1.1, VA.B.1.1, VA.E.1.1

Ecosystem Experts
SC.D.1.1, SC.D.2.1, SC.F.1.1, SC.F.2.1, SC.G.1.1, SC.G.2.1, SC.H.3.1, VA.A.1.1, VA.B.1.1, VA.E.1.1

Alive With Storytelling
TH.A.1.1, TH.A.3.1, TH.D.1.1, LA.(K-5).1.6, LA.(K-5).2.1, LA.(K-5).5.2, DA.A.1.1, DA.B.1.1

African Dance and Drumming
DA.A.1.1-2, DA.B.1.1-2, DA.C.1.1-2, DA.D.1.1-2, FL.B.1.1-2, FL.C.1.1-2, PE.A.1.1, PE.A.2.1, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1

Galleries & Exhibits

Castle of Dreams
SC.G.2.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Bank in Kidscape Village
MA.2.G.5, SS.D.2.2, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4

Health & Wellness Center in Kidscape Village
HE.A.1.1, PE.B.2.4, HE.A.2.1, HE.B.1.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Supermarket in Kidscape Village
LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4

Safety Zone/Pet Central in Kidscape Village
HE.C.2.1, PE.A.1.3, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.1.4, LA.1.1.4

Sea and Me Early Childhood Gallery
SC.D.1.1, SC.A.1.1, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Ocean Odyssey Tank & Everglades Park
SC.G.1.2, SC.G.2.3, SC.G.1.4, TH.A.1.4, LA.K.1.6-LA.6.1.6, PE.B.2.4,LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

What’s New? Gallery
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Port of Miami
1: SC.H.3.4, SC.D.1.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, LA.1112.2.2, SS.D.2.1, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1
2: FL.B.1.4, TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, LA.K.1.6, SS.D.2.4, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

Me, You & Teddy Bears Too Gallery
TH.A.1.4, PE.B.2.4, FL.D.1.1, HE.B.3.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1

All About Art Gallery
VA.A.1.3, LA.K.1.6, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.B.1.2, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4

World Music Gallery
MU.A.1.1, MU.A.2.1, MU.B.1.1, MU.C.1.1, MU.E.1.1, MU.E.2.1, LA.K.1.6, LA.K.6.1-LA.6.6.1, PE.B.2.4