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Our formal educational programs provides a unique environment that encourages exploration, open-ended opportunities to explore, hands-on experiences, and free choice.

Our current project seeks to examine the impact of formal museum preschool education and school readiness among children completing preschool in a museum using mixed methods (observations, interviews, and outcome data). We are partnering with other museums who also have preschool programs embedded in their space to see how they integrate classroom learning and museum exploration, as well as interview parents and educators who work in a high-quality traditional school in Miami.

Working together with our museum partners we will publish and/or present findings from our project to help support other institutions in understanding how to incorporate formal preschool education programs. We will also have a Museum Schools Toolkit with a template business guide, a resource guide and sample evaluation tools we have piloted.


Through the IMLS grant we are advancing the understanding of early childhood education in informal settings by answering the following questions:

  • Is there an advantage and what may it be when enrolling your child in a museum preschool?
  • Is there a curriculum that better matches the preschool museum educational program?
  • How can we best measure kindergarten readiness in museum preschools?
  • How are museums using their exhibits in their formal education program?

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