Conversations and Workshops Every Weekend from March 12 -April 3

A circle of drummers standing in front of their drums with their arms in the air holding their drumsticks.

The Museum is launching this new art-based series aimed at empowering children through inclusive representation. As a leader in early childhood education, the Museum recognizes the importance of providing positive representation and opportunities for children and families to engage directly with professional artists.

Join us on the following weekends to learn about visual and performing arts from a diverse range of artists in our community. We’ll be exploring a specific artist’s work, how their culture and identity shaped their artwork, and how their art form is important to their culture. Guests can join art or performance-based workshops learning about these various cultures and art forms. In addition, we'll have art therapists throughout the day to support conversations between children and families as they create.

Artists info and corresponding dates:

March 12 - Haitian Artist, Edouard Duval-Carrie

March 13-  Japanese Taiko Drumming Performance Group, Fushu Daiko

March 19 - Artistic Performance Group, MUCE

March 20 - Artist, Pati Monclus from Bakehouse Art Complex

March 25 - Artist, Loni Johnson from Bakehouse Art Complex

March 26 - Brazilian Artist, Adriana Carvalho

March 27 - Little Haiti Cultural Center

April 2 & 3 - Artist, Victor Matthews

(Artist subject to change)

Flyer for Edouard Duval-Carrie’s workshop for children with a black and white photograph of the artist sitting with his fingers interlaced.

Edouard Duval Carrié is a contemporary artist and curator based in Miami, Florida. Born and raised in Haiti, Duval Carrié fled the regime of “Papa Doc” Duvalier as a teenager and subsequently resided in locales as diverse as Puerto Rico, New York, Montreal, Paris and Miami. Parallels thus emerge between the artist’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and his artistic sensitivity toward the multifaceted identities that form his native Haiti. At heart, Duval Carrié is an educator: he challenges the viewer to make meaning of dense iconography derived from Caribbean history, politics, and religion.

Flyer for Fushu Daiko’s workshop with a photo of a little girl outside drumming.

Entertainment and education brought together in an engaging high energy performance. We teach the students about the Japanese Taiko art form and its history in between exciting performances that demonstrate a variety of styles.

Flyer for MUCE workshop featuring a photo of a storyteller wearing a crown, her face painted, and her book decorated with flowers.

The Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE) is an arts production company that brings brands & ideas to life with art through our art exhibitions, workshops, festival production and cultural programming. With a commitment to diversify the artistic landscape of the western world, expect a delicious dose of culture with MUCE.

Find out more at @muce305 or

Flyer for Pati Monclus’s workshop with a photo of her holding a small black dragon sculpture and smiling at it.

Patricia Monclus is a painter currently residing in Miami. While born in Los Angeles, she was raised between Colombia and Spain. She graduated from New World School of the Arts in the spring of 2018 and was then awarded a sponsored studio space at The Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood Miami,where she continues to practice. Parallel to her personal practice she has developed an interest in working with children of varying ages and accompanying them through their exploration of art. Patricia sees her relationship with the kids as a symbiotic relationship where everybody learns from each other. In the last 3 years Patricia has showcased her work in several local group exhibitions and currently you can find her work at Audrey Love's gallery celebrating the 35th anniversary of The Bakehouse with an exhibition called viewpoint.  This year she also had the opportunity towork with the Steam + program for Miami Beach public schools, Pace Center for Girls,and other organizations.

Flyer for Loni Johnson’s workshop with a headshot of her staring into the distance.

Loni Johnson is a Miami based multi-disciplinary artist. She is an artist, an educator, a mother,and an activist that understands that as artists, there is a cyclical obligation to give back and nurture our communities with her creative gift and it must be utilized to better our world.

Bakehouse was Founded in 1985 by artists and for artists in a former industrial Art Deco-era bakery, Bakehouse Art Complex provides studio residencies, infrastructure, and community to enable the highest level of artistic creativity, development, and collaboration for the most promising talent.

Flyer for Ariana Carvalho’s workshop with a headshot of her standing in front of Birds of Paradise smiling.

As a child growing up in a remote town in Brazil, Adriana was inspired by her father, who created fantastic creatures that came from his vast imagination! There was a small library, but not a single art school. She started to make dolls with clay from the river banks. Later, she experimented with discarded materials such as tin, wire, wood, seeds or whatever she could find. As a teenager, Adriana learned the value of perception and meticulous skills required for hand-works. As she matured, those early experiences combined with years of training in metalworking techniques have shaped her aesthetic. This allows her to conceive artworks accompanied with stories and expressions that highlight vulnerability and are both iconic and metaphorical. Presently, she lives and works in Miami Beach.

Flyer for Serge Toussaint’s workshop with a headshot of him in front of a mural, leaning in and smiling

Serge Toussaint is a Haitian-born artist and muralist who’s been painting storefronts and walls around Miami since 1994. If you don’t already know him by name ($erge), you’ve definitely seen his work if you’ve ever driven through Little Haiti, Overtown, or Wynwood.

Flyer for Victor Mathew’s workshop with a photo of him leaning against one of his murals with his hands together

An American painter born in New York City , at his youngest age, he spent hours in his bedroom sketching any usual object that he could put his hands on. He naturally decided to study art, which led him from the High School of Art and Design to a Bachelor of Fine Arts obtained in 1985 at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. "I have been an artist for 37 years now. As I seek the quietness in life and the tones of sand with brightness in my work, the calmness in my paintings is a world I want to reach and discover as I continue my journey." - Victor Matthews

This project is supported in part by the Lynn & Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit

Three members of the Miami Children’s Museum Theater Troupe onstage performing the original play “Simama Nami".