4 Kids dressed in handmade Kwanza tunic and holding a Kinara

Miami Children’s Museum provides a safe environment that celebrates diversity promotes equity, and inclusion through ongoing cultural exploration and programming with the representation of underrepresented groups. The Museum prioritizes representation in all aspects of our programming, knowing the critical impact it has on children’s self-identity and how they view the world. Selecting topics that highlight diverse cultures, interests, backgrounds, and abilities helps us accomplish this.

The Museum’s diverse educational programs include:

·        Representation Through the Artist’s Lens: Conversations and Workshops

·        Black History Month Celebration

·        Women’s History Month

·        Autism Acceptance

·        Asian American and Pacific Islander Celebration

·        Juneteenth

·        Rainbow Families Celebration, our LGTBQ+ initiative

·        Paralympics

·        Rosh Hashanah

·        Hispanic Heritage Celebration

·        Disabilities Acceptance Month

·        Native American Heritage Celebration

·        Holidays Around the World

We acknowledge that the Miami Children's Museum resides within the ancestral homelands and waterways of the many Indigenous nations including the Tequesta peoples, Calusa peoples, United Confederation of Taino People, Seminole Tribe of Florida and The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. We thank these past, present, and future caretakers of the land for their stewardship.

A little boy is in mid-air doing the long jump in the Baptist Health and Wellness gallery. Behind him the wall says, “How far can you jump?”

Health & Wellness