Miami Children’s Museum will be open 7 days a week starting June 5!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a distinguished and diverse group of educators, business executives and community leaders.

2019 - 2020 Executive Committee

Jeffrey Berkowitz Chairman
Marianne Devine President
Gary Reshefsky Past President
Melissa Netkin Vice President
Daniel Shmerin Vice President
Scott N. Wagner Vice President
Michelle Diener Treasurer
Kelly Ruane Melchiondo Secretary
Samuel A. Terilli, Jr President Emeritus
Adrienne Pardo President Emeritus
Richard Lampen President Emeritus
Michael Berkowitz Member at Large
Steven Weber Member at Large
Deborah Spiegelman CEO/Executive Director


Ryan D. Bailine
Jennifer Cervera
Linda Coll
Jose Dans
Judge Norman S. Gerstein
Todd Gomberg
Chelsea Hirschhorn
Erika Koopman
Christine Kotler
Nancy B. Lash
Adam Malamed
Christy Martin
Tracy Mourning
Evan Reed*
Brian Riemer
Claudia Rodriguez
Susan Rosenthal
Dan Sachar
Dr. Judy Schaechter, M.D., M.B.A
Jacklyn Taplin Schiffrin
Gerald K. Schwartz
Brittany A. Sharpton
Crystal Wagar

Honorary Board of Trustees

Alan Potamkin Chairman
Adolfo Henriques Capital Campaign
Irma & Norma Braman Leadership Committee
Madeleine & Micky Arison Trustee
Sandy Batchelor Trustee
Jennifer Boin Getz Trustee
Lucia Dougherty Trustee
Sheila & Lawrence Forman Trustee
Pat Frost Trustee
Lilia Garcia Trustee
Sam Getz Trustee
Barbara Havenick Trustee
Florence Hecht* Trustee
Gerri Helfman Trustee
Eileen Higgins Trustee
George Knox Trustee
Kirk Landon* Trustee
David Lawrence, Jr. Trustee
Judy & Donald Lefton Trustee
Robert M. Levy Trustee
Jill & Robert Mark Trustee
Melissa & Tony Medina Trustee
Leslie Pantin, Jr. Trustee
Beverly and Bill Parker Trustee
Laurinda Spear Trustee
Robert Traurig Trustee
Kelley Werner Trustee
Jody Wolfe Trustee
Denise Glasser Founder
Barbara Zohlman Founder