Community Outreach



Through the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations and government sources, Miami Children’s Museum is able to offer a unique learning environment filled with interactive learning exhibits and programming within the Museum walls as well as within our South Florida community.


Very Important Potential Program

Our Very Important Potential Program (VIP) provides children and their families from underserved areas of Miami access to experience the Museum and our educationally enriched programming through free admissions, guided educational field trips, camp scholarships and our Head Start program.

School Readiness Program / Head Start

Miami Children’s Museum strives to meet the needs of children in our community by providing interactive arts-based and STEAM programming that enhances school readiness. The Head Start Arts enrichment program is designed to provide a rich and varied arts experience, free of charge, with a focus on visual arts, reading and music.

Sensory Friendly Saturday Program

One of the cornerstones of our Mission is providing an inclusive learning environment that ensures high quality, hands-on arts-based programming is accessible to children of all abilities, specifically those with special needs. Sensory Friendly Saturday gives children with sensory processing disorders and global development delays and their families time to explore the Museum in a supportive and sensory modified environment once a month, before it opens to the public. Every second Saturday of the month, Museum lights and sounds are dimmed and sensory friendly activities including black light play, yoga & movement, and stage performances are offered at reduced admission. Throughout the morning, families also have an opportunity to meet and network with each other and receive additional support from occupational therapists, health professionals, and members of community organizations.

To learn more about our Sensory Friendly Saturday program, click here.

Mini Mondays Program

Mini Mondays are a place for infants and toddlers to grow and develop through play. Every Monday, from 10:00am – 6:00pm, the Museum has designed a program full of play-based activities specifically designed for children from birth to age 5. With no school group visits on Mondays, we ensure a safe, quieter and fun environment for little ones to explore and enjoy.

To learn more about our Mini Mondays program, click here.

Museum in a Box Program

A new community satellite program, which launched at the beginning of 2017, takes the Museum’s immersive arts-based and health-based exhibits into underserved schools throughout the South Florida community through a “pop-up exhibit”, set up inside a Miami-Dade County School for three months at a time, at no cost to the school. Museum in a Box furthers the Museum’s mission by giving us the ability to expose children to educationally enriched programming, who would otherwise not have access to it.

Arts and Cultural Programming

The Museum’s arts and cultural programming exposes children to the magic of the arts and the world around them. Performing and visual arts play an important role in children’s development of motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness and cultural awareness. Through our performing and visual arts programming, Miami Children’s Museum becomes the first experience children have with arts and culture. Our arts and culture programming includes

  • Season of the Arts
  • Theater Program and Outreaches
  • Black History Month
  • Asian Pacific American Month
  • Rainbow Families Day
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Native American Heritage Month

Sea Level Rise Educational Outreach and Museum Visit Program

Through in school outreaches and Museum field trips, Miami Children’s Museum educates children ages 5-11 about sea level rise, the causes and effects and how choices they make every day can make an impact to lessen the strain on the environment.

Literacy Programming

Through our Literacy Programming, under-served families are provided with a series of classes that focus on school readiness and early literacy skills.

Health and Wellness Programming

Miami Children’s Museum provides low-income families with nutrition and fitness classes by modeling first-hand effective healthy behavior strategies that promote good nutrition and wellness.


Miami Children’s Museum is pleased to report another fiscal year with strong financial results. For the period ending June 30, 2018, the Museum continued to demonstrate its ability to provide increasing program return by leveraging our available financial resources along with our highly talented and committed staff. With shared objectives of expanding targeted programming and increasing visitorship, the Museum’s board, management, and staff can celebrate all that we have accomplished while operating in the black.

Annual donations from individuals, corporations and foundations enhance the Miami Children’s Museum’s current year’s operating budget.  Contributions to the Museum’s Capital Campaign have enabled the museum to refresh and renovate all of its exhibits, and expand to meet the growing needs of our community.  Building the Museum’s endowment is its long-term savings account. A large endowment, well invested, can provide financial stability and a source of income beyond government support, dedicated income streams and annual gifts.

Our Endowment Fund is specifically designed for the future, both from the points of view of ongoing support and planned future giving. While the Museum will continue to solicit support in its annual appeal for funds to be extended in the short term, we encourage our supporters to secure our future by supporting our endowment fund.  The Museum is important for the future of our children. We encourage you to provide gifts that assure the future of the Children’s Museum.