13th Annual Not So Scary Halloween Batch Sunday October 8, 2023

13th Annual Not-So-Scary Family Halloween Bash
Sunday October 8th, 2023 1:00pm - 5:00 pm

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3/16/2020 Museum Update

3/16/2020 Museum Update

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. While we are closing the Museum to the public, we are not presently closing the building or shutting down Museum operations. Museum business will continue with some staff working remotely and some “socially distanced” in the building. With the short-term closure, team members will be working on facility improvements, future program development, fundraising, project work, remaining connected to our communities and providing support during this difficult time.

This continued engagement of our team members will ensure we can continue to mix offer families opportunities to play, learn, imagine and create from their homes and soon again at Miami Children’s Museum.

In order to streamline any inquiries you may have, below is a list of programs offered by the Museum and the team member who can assist with any information you may need.

Afterschool Program

Alan, amontero@miamichildrensmuseum.org

Birthday Parties

Yanet, Yanet@miamichildrensmuseum.org


Yanet, Yanet@miamichildrensmuseum.org


Daniella, dcabezas@miamichildrensmuseum.org

Early Childhood Institute Preschool

Betty, betty@miamichildrensmuseum.org

Exhibit Rentals

Myrna, myrna@miamichildrensmuseum.org

Group Tours/ Field Trips

Yanet, Yanet@miamichildrensmuseum.org


Karyssa, kgonzalez@miamichildrensmuseum.org


Anais, arodriguez@miamichildrensmuseum.org

Sensory Saturday

Sarah, scoleman@miamichildrensmuseum.org

Theater Troupe

Bree-Anna, bobst@miamichildrensmuseum.org