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NBC 6 | ‘All It Takes Is Love': Families Celebrate Finalizing Adoptions in Miami-Dade

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More than 30 kids from Miami-Dade County now have forever families.

There was a celebration Friday at the Miami Children's Museum to finalize the adoptions. Many people at the event said it was just a legal way of showing the love the foster family already have for their kids.

One family at the event had already gone through the adoption time five times, and they’re inspiring others to adopt.

“All it takes is love, kindness and God,” said Rubie Delaughter King, who is finalizing the adoption of her fifth kid.

Rihanna Nevaeh King, who’s nine months old, is now part of the King family, forever.

For most families, one adoption is a big deal — but for the Kings, this would be their fifth time going through the process.

“I’ll be sitting at my desk, I get a phone call from DCF,” King said. "'Hey, a birth mom had a baby.’ Of course. I'll text my husband. ‘Baby, what should I do?’ He say, ‘Well, you know, I know your heart. I know what you're going to do.’ And, you know, within two days I'm picking up a baby from the hospital.”

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