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New York Magazine | The Only Gift for a 9-Year-Old You'll Ever Need

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Original Buddha Board Art Set


Kids can have big emotions that can be tricky to regulate. Natalie Williams, director of education at the Miami Children’s Museum, says activities like painting can help relax and redirect their emotional energy. “I think art, water, and paint are things that just bring a sense of relaxation and allow you to open up to share your feelings,” says Williams, who also runs a camp at the museum where she encourages kids to create emotion monsters to talk about their feelings. The meditative and virtually mess-free Buddha Board sets up in under a minute and lets artists of any age “paint” with just water: all you have to do is fill the reservoir, dip the bamboo paintbrush into the water, and create whatever comes to mind on the painting board. After a few seconds, the picture gently fades away, so your kiddo can start all over again.

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