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Music in Motion | Música y Movimiento

Music in Motion | Música y Movimiento

Music in Motion; Música y Movimiento (6 months – 3 years) This class will be focused on enhancing language skills using songs in both English and Spanish and will emphasize fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pitch matching, and dynamics. We’ll explore basic musical and spatial concepts such as long and short, soft and loud, large and small and high and low. We’ll use scarves, percussion instruments and creative movement to experience music and language in a fun, foot-tapping forty five minutes.

Spring Camp classes begin January 10 through May 30


  • 11:00 am – 11:45 am | Ages 6 months – 3 years

$18 a class for Members  | $20 a class for Non-Members 

To register, please contact us at 305.373.KIDS (5437) ext.112 or email us at

Toddler Prep Class

Toddler Prep Class

This class is designed to make the transition to school as smooth and happy as possible. We want all children to develop a love for learning and to have fun and enjoy success in all aspects of their education and this class provides a bright, stimulating and exciting environment where everyone feels valued, secure and well cared for. We encourage and normalize the preschool routine by inviting parents to join their children in a classroom-like environment where they learn, explore and interact with their peers.  Activities will include gallery exploration, art and sensory play, story time, early math and literacy activities, and opportunities for children to confidently gain independence in a safe and loving environment. Our focus on social/emotional, emergent literacy and developmental milestones not only prepares children for pre-school, but also provides a morning of fun, activity and community. The class is 90 minutes long, and caregivers are expected to attend and participate.

Spring 2019 classes begin January 9 through May 22


  • 9:30 am -10:45 am | Ages 6 months – 12 months

$45 a class for Members | $50 a class for Non-Members

To register, please contact us at 305.373.KIDS (5437) ext.112 or email Yanet at